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PURPOSE - Our commitment is to educate in an entertaining and interactive manner. Through the use of extraordinary ventriloquist puppetry, awesome sleight of hand artistry, and guided discussions audiences of all ages are ushered into an exciting, imaginative, and effective learning environment. All 40 to 50 minute programs are geared to the age, maturity, and understanding levels of the audience.

PHILOSOPHY - Our PHILOSOPHY is to provide quality, satisfaction guaranteed programs regardless of one’s ability to cover actual expenses. If a financial hardship exists, we will make every effort to accommodate! Please be fair about a request of this nature.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our commitment to excellence in providing the best program available is backed by our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our M & M Team PROGRAM GUARANTEE simply states either you are fully satisfied with our completed program(s) or you will be compensated accordingly.

The M & M Team with Mel Curtiss has twenty-four years of assembly programming experience to diverse audiences. Excellence in programming is recognized by 1,221 schools, youth organizations, and other program sponsors. Having conducted over 12,250 programs at more than 1,087 sites, Mel has performed for audiences in 505 public and parochial elementary school districts, and for students in 118 middle schools, high schools, and technical colleges.

In all, the M & M Team has presented to well over one million people.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality, Spirit- led and satisfaction guaranteed programs regardless of one's ability to cover "actual" program expenses.

Call: 800-236-4968

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