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Christians, stop yielding to wickedness and settling for "lesser of two evils" and begin standing up for righteousness! 

Stand tall and proclaim – and reclaim – your Christian values! 

Join the Constitution Party of Wisconsin 

(, the party which –

  • is 100% pro-life, no exceptions, who opposes abortion funding and euthanasia.

  • will never endorse or support candidates who will not obey the Constitution and who are not pro-life.

  • believes parents control the upbringing, educating and discipline of their children, not the government or the liberal/world-influenced public school system. We champion home and religious schooling alternatives.

  • proclaims that God is in control and only by living His word and repenting will He heal our land.


Christians are not second-class citizens! The Constitution Party of Wisconsin will fight the Christian-haters and protect your rights in – and outside of – elected offices. 

Request a free, no obligation information packet by calling 1-608-561-7996.            

Contact us at –

Constitution Party of Wisconsin

P.O. Box 070344 

Milwaukee, WI 53207    

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