Jeff's Story -- Prescription for Life or Death

   Jeff’s Story -- Prescriptions for Life or Death, by Barbara Fitz Vroman with Sally Wesner and Jeff Wesner.
   This is a true story that happened in Neenah, Wisconsin. The authors are Barbara Fitz Vroman with Sally Wesner and Jeff Wesner. Barbara has written several books and Sally is Jeff’s mother.
   Jeff was a very active and popular guy who excelled at almost everything he attempted to do. He did well in sports, etc and decided to go into law enforcement because he sincerely wanted a career that helped others.  He did well as a Police Officer and received many awards. 
   He was involved in an incident that ended in violence and this caused Jeff to have anxiety and sleepless nights. He followed doctors’ advice and took the drugs that were prescribed. It did not take long before he was addicted. He eventually forged a signature to get more drugs and actually ended up in jail for that.
   Later, Jeff was involved in a car accident that left him with serious pain and of course, he was given more and more drugs and became more and more addicted. He tried many rehab programs and they are well described in the book. His family was very supportive and firmly believe in the power of faith and prayer.
   Tragically, Jeff died of a heart attack at age 42. The autopsy showed that his heart and other organs had been fatally damaged by over use of prescriptio ...

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