Sanctuary Cities

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:
   Is a “Sanctuary City” for any and all criminals?  If so, then aren’t defense attorneys required to inform their clients that they can flee to a sanctuary city for refuge?  Can a sanctuary city discriminate against any criminal who flees to their city for refuge?

   The definition of sanctuary is: (n.) (1), “sacred place.”  (2), “a place of refuge.”   Refuge means: (n.) “A shelter or protection from danger, or distress; asylum.”  The definition of asylum is:  (n.), (1), “an institution for the care of the insane or afflicted.”  (2), “any place of refuge.”  The definition of afflict is:  (v.t.) “Distress with mental or bodily pain; torment.”  Affliction is (n.) (1), “Distress, pain.” (2), “a cause of distress; an ill or disease.”  Torment is: (v.t.) (1), “Afflict with pain or misery; distress, worry, or annoy.”  (2), “stir up; disturb.”  (n) “suffering; something that torments.”

   Why were a few towns under the Old Covenant established as sanctuary cities?  Weren’t they established as a refuge for those who accidentally killed someone, so that they could be protected from the victim’s family wishing to take revenge by killing the ...

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