The Turkish Ottoman Caliphate Ressurrected

   On April 16, 2017, which was Easter Sunday for all Christians, including the Eastern Orthodox Church, the “fatally wounded” Ottoman Empire, which was the eastern part of the original Holy Roman Empire, was resurrected from the dead.   If this sounds blasphemous, it is because the act of breathing life back into the Ottoman Empire was intentionally designed by President Erdogan to occur on this Christian holiday in order to cause just such an effect.  According to Walid Shoebat of   President Erdogan, the leader of Turkey since 2002 chose the day upon which Christians around the world commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, as the Election Day for the referendum that he hoped would change Turkey’s constitution and destiny for eternity.

 In a narrow 51-49 percent win, Erdogan’s dream was in fact realized on Easter Sunday.   This election win gives Erdogan sweeping new dictatorial powers which strengthens and solidifies his sole control over the Muslim majority country of Turkey.  These broad powers include his ability to dissolve the Turkish parliament whenever he wishes to do so.

Erdogan has sought to become the Caliph of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.  This historic win is a significant step towards achieving that goal.  Immed ...

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