The Turkish Ottoman Caliphate Ressurrected

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   On April 16, 2017, which was Easter Sunday for all Christians, including the Eastern Orthodox Church, the “fatally wounded” Ottoman Empire, which was the eastern part of the original Holy Roman Empire, was resurrected from the dead.   If this sounds blasphemous, it is because the act of breathing life back into the Ottoman Empire was intentionally designed by President Erdogan to occur on this Christian holiday in order to cause just such an effect.  According to Walid Shoebat of   President Erdogan, the leader of Turkey since 2002 chose the day upon which Christians around the world commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, as the Election Day for the referendum that he hoped would change Turkey’s constitution and destiny for eternity.

 In a narrow 51-49 percent win, Erdogan’s dream was in fact realized on Easter Sunday.   This election win gives Erdogan sweeping new dictatorial powers which strengthens and solidifies his sole control over the Muslim majority country of Turkey.  These broad powers include his ability to dissolve the Turkish parliament whenever he wishes to do so.

Erdogan has sought to become the Caliph of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.  This historic win is a significant step towards achieving that goal.  Immediately following the successful constitutional referendum President Erdogan rushed to the tomb of the last sultan of the Ottoman Empire in order to claim the diadem of the previous sultanate of Ottomans.  He has reportedly declared himself the Caliph of the revived Turkish Ottoman Empire, which spent close to a 100 years “in the grave.”  By doing so he secured his place in history as the eleventh sultan of the previous seven caliphates.  The four major caliphates (including 3 minor caliphates within the same time periods) existed continuously from the death of the Prophet Mohammed up until the destruction of Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I.

In a move of great arrogance and supremacy, Erdogan declared in the week before the Easter Sunday referendum vote that he would pray to Allah in the Hagia Sophia on this year’s Good Friday.  To truly understand Erdogans’ thinking and intentionality regarding his need to demonstrate the superiority of Islam over Christianity one must understand both the history and the symbolic nature of the Hagia Sophia. 

The Hagia Sophia was originally built in the 4th century to give glory to Jesus Christ as the Logos or Wisdom of God incarnate.  Hagia Sophia literally means “Holy Wisdom.” The original buildings were destroyed at least twice.   The building that exists still today was built in its present form and was completed in 537 A.D.   https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Hagia_Sophia   The glorious church which held up to 20,000 people was erected in Constantinople, Turkey which is on the northern edge of the ancient Asia Minor where the seven lamp stands and seven named churches of the Book of Revelation were found.  Paul travelled through this area as he preached the Gospel message to the Gentiles.  Asia Minor is in the cradle of Christianity where the church took root and grew exponentially as the Gospel message spread. 

But , in 1453 Constantinople was captured by the Muslims and the city was renamed Istanbul.  The Hagia Sophia was over-taken and from that time on, the majestic church that was built to glorify and honor Jesus Christ became a mosque where Allah was worshipped.  But even though the Christian mosaics were plastered over, some people have said that the crosses continued to show through the plaster.  So important was this church in the History of Christendom that according to Pastor Erwin Lutzer, the Hagia Sophia even inspired some of the architectural features found in the famous and historic Moody Church in Chicago.  The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent, Erwin Lutzer, Harvest House Publishers 2013.

Therefore, there is great symbolic significance for Muslims in having Erdogan provocatively declare that this 1700 year old church, once known as the “Vatican” of Eastern Orthodoxy and whose name literally means “Holy Wisdom,” converted to a mosque on the very day that Christians commemorate the death of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is unclear whether this prayer actually took place two days before the election, on Good Friday, but the grand threat along with the declaration that the Hagia Sophia is a mosque once again, carried great symbolic meaning throughout Christendom and the Muslim world. 

The Ottoman Empire that Erdogan now claims has been revived was the 4th major caliphate since the days of the Prophet Mohammed.  The Ottoman Empire which was the last caliphate of the Muslim world was destroyed soon after the end of WWI.  Under Kemal Araturk’s administration following WWI, Turkey became a secular nation with democratic elections.  The Turkish military under Ataturk was responsible for ensuring that Turkey remained a secular nation.  He then declared the end of the use of the Hagia Sophia as a mosque and turned the former church/mosque into a museum.  It has remained a national museum until Erdogan’s recent declaration which he now claims nullifies Kemal Ataturk’s designation of the building as a museum.  http://www.thegatewaypundit.com2017/04/erdogan

The drastic changes in Erdogan’s behavior and actions in the past year should alarm European leaders, the Trump administration and anyone else who is awake and paying attention.   President Erdogan who has presided over a secular nation for fifteen years and has been the leader of a trusted NATO ally has amazingly ascended, in a very short amount of time, into the “Caliph” of the Turkish Islamic State.

In July of 2016 there was an attempted, but unsuccessful coup, against his presidency.  Since then Erdogan has ordered the arrest of over 200,000 of his enemies.  It is has also been reported that over a number of years he has been quietly purging the Turkish secular military of non-Islamists in order to strengthen his control.

Erdogan recently began threatening Europe because of the European Union’s past and continued rejection of Turkey as a member state.  Now Erdogan is openly planning revenge on the EU by flooding Europe with at least another 10,000 Muslim refugees.  It is a shocking display of new found and extraordinary power to see Erdogan pushing Europe around. 

His Foreign Minister Cavusoglu recently stated “Soon religious wars will breakout in Europe.”  Erdogan, himself reportedly exhorted Muslims across Europe to “fight the injustices of the West.”  He urged them to “Go live in better neighbourhoods.  Drive the best cars.  Live in the best houses.  Make not three, but five children.  Because you are the future of Europe , that will be the best response to the injustices against you.”  Burak Bekdil, March 22, 2017.  (Gatestone reports that Mr. Bekdil, one of Turkey’s leading journalists, was just fired after 29 years, from Turkey’s leading newspaper, for writing about what was happening in Turkey for Gatestone.)

While many people in this country may not recognize the global significance of these events, Muslims around the world do understand them.  Many have been emboldened by the promise of the revived Ottoman Empire which is destined to restore the caliphate.  What has been a relatively safe country for western tourists and even missionaries has now become a place where if you travel to Turkey, you should question your security and safety. 

This globally destabilizing event will affect the United States as well.  Immediately after the election President Trump contacted President Erdogan to congratulate him on his victory.  Since Turkey is a NATO ally and the United States has a major airbase, Incirlik, within the borders of Turkey which houses hundreds of United States military personnel and many nuclear weapons, the United States must tread carefully here, but it should be re-evaluating our relationship with Turkey and Erdogan. 

Recently, there was a thinly veiled threat to U.S. personnel who are working with the Kurds in northern Syria when an Erdogan adviser said that “U.S. troops could be “accidently” hit in Turkish strikes against Kurdish militias” if our personnel continue to work with the Kurds. .   That statement was later walked-back, as Turkey is still pressing Washington for the chance to have its army join its campaign for Raqqa (and the presumed likelihood of an opportunity for a land grab in Syria).

Erdogan is a member of the Turkish arm of the Muslim Brotherhood which already operates in the United States.  It is presumed that infiltrators have made their way into our governmental offices in Washington.  For this reason, President Trump should be very leery of advice that he is receiving from our own State Department if it calls for a continued “cozy “relationship with Erdogan, like the one President Obama had with him. 

Americans should not forget that the last person outside the compound to see Ambassador Chris Stevens before he was attacked was Erdogan’s own ambassador who coincidentally left the compound only 40 minutes before the attack commenced.  They should also remember that is was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s meetings with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) called the “Istanbul Process” (so named because of the city where the meetings originated) that created the United Nation’s “Resolution 16/18” which was adopted in order to restrict Americans’ 1st Amendment rights by creating a “test of consequences” standard that would criminalize speech that criticized Muslims, Sharia or the Prophet Mohammed and made them  angry enough to riot and kill. 

Americans should not trust anyone who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood because their stated goal, written in their own words in the Explanatory Memorandum:  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Goal For North American is that of the destruction of the west through “Civilization Jihad”  and by installing Sharia into our courts and our American society.  (Please see my earlier columns for more information).   Americans should demand that the “Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act” be brought to the House floor by Rep. Paul Ryan for enactment so that President Trump can keep his campaign promise and sign it into law.  This is a critical law enforcement tool for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice.  Without it he will not be able to remove or prosecute subversives within our governmental agencies and departments.

Americans should be alert and ready to make their wishes known to our leaders in Washington, D.C. because despite these many strange behaviors and actions by Erdogan, this “trusted” NATO ally, President Trump will be hosting this self-created dictator in the White House on May 16, 2017.

Christians in America should read their Bibles, pay attention to current events and pray.

The Beast may be rising. 

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