Wisconsin Attorney’s New Book Offers Solutions to Economic Crisis

   After more than 5 years of research and writing, Theodore D. Kafkas, J.D. finished his book, Economic Crisis and Solutions - Unemployment Bubble, Technology, Federal Reserve and Government (278 pgs.).

   This book has a new paradigm with a Christian perspective.

   The book takes you on an investigative journey to find the truth about our U.S. economy.  The book uses easy to understand language that makes you feel like you are talking to a friend.  

   Technology, unemployment statistics, population growth, economic theories, government debt growth, monetary policies, central banking history in the U.S., surprising audit of the Federal Reserve, bank deregulation mistake, mysterious Plunge Protection Team financial market manipulation, petrodollar, new BRICS bank, world banking, U.S. history, U.S. Constitution and other issues that affect our economy are analyzed in this book.

   The book explains that we are still in an economic crisis. 

   One of the main causes of the economic crisis is the huge employment bubble which is the result of technology changes and population growth.  

   We saw this before with the Industrial Age and the Great Depression.  Now, we are seeing an economic crisis with the Information Age.  

   The book explains that the ...

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