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   I’ve heard it all before . . . 

   “The upcoming election is the most critical in our history. The very future of our nation’s foundation is at stake. Every person will be affected.  If the liberals win, our foundation will no longer be based on the traditional Judeo-Christian morality.”

   Every four years we receive urgent messages concerning the upcoming presidential election.  We are told that their candidate cannot win without our help, and they expect us to drop everything and concentrate on the “most important issue of our lifetime.”  Party supporters treat elections like athletic contests, and go into a frenzy to elect “professional politicians.”  Members of Labor Unions will vote for anyone, regardless of his or her moral and ethical attitudes — if he or she is a Democrat.  

   Support for the two major parties is similar to going to church.  With little understanding of the true objective, voters often get a feeling of satisfaction that an obligation has been fulfilled.  But one way or the other, we usually get the government we deserve.    
   What we have now in America is a moral wasteland where citizens are asked to vote for leaders that (in many cases) we know to be corrupt.  We have cheapened the vote by allowing hopelessly unqualified voters, many of whom cannot even speak our language, to be manipulated by an agenda-driven media.  In the town I live in, a liberal college student from an eastern state who resides here part-time and contributes nothing to maintain our community can cast a vote which cancels mine. 

   The two party political system that developed quickly in our early history is manipulated by selecting controllable individuals from both parties.  It makes no difference who gets elected, the despotic trend continues, endless wars and crushing debt are our fare.  Trump was the exception.  Although the Republicans did not want him, the majority of American voters did. 

   There is now evidence of a conspiracy to remove President Trump from office.  It is being carried out by individuals in our shadow government who are afraid Trump will stray from their agenda and try to bring our nation back to normality.  This conspiracy will involve confiscation of our guns, freedom of speech, martial law, and long working hours, restricting time for thought,  while at the same time, filling their TV screens with propaganda. 

   Propaganda is our daily bread and our culture and ways of life continue to falter under tremendous secular pressure. The false propaganda instilled in our citizens through constant repetition, twisted ideas, and thoughts purposely pounded into their heads, has created a matrix in which most of our population lives.  This matrix has enveloped our clergy and our religious thinkers,  reducing the number of individuals who might sound the alarm.

   We have watched as all sorts of sexual anomalies have appeared in our culture,  making homosexuality and homosexual “marriage” legal — and giving the aberrant participants special legal privileges.  
   It began with abortion and continued with women’s liberation, weakening of marriage vows, denigration of fathers, censoring, deriding Christianity in the media, and entertainment with no moral code.  Sex pills are constantly bombarding our TV screens during sporting events, polluting our children’s minds as being “normal.”   

   It is amazing that some group has not picketed the headquarters of our deceitful newspapers and television studios.  Their lies and malignant positions have seriously damaged the nation and its culture.

   In the presidential race, candidates are pre-selected; dissent from conventional wisdom is squelched by the press; and the campaign of illegitimate promises and outright lies is boringly protracted.  Congressmen have designed their districts so their re-election is almost assured.  During their election campaigns the candidates promise citizens changes that are badly needed but once they are elected, many of these promises are forgotten and the will of the controlling cabal continues to hold sway. Our system bears some similarity to that used in the old Soviet Union. During Stalin’s reign, candidates were overwhelmingly elected due to the fact that there was only one candidate on the ballot.  In the United States we have two candidates on the ballot but voters still have no choice, since both candidates are selected by party leaders (Trump the exception) who sell their souls to the hidden forces that control them.

   The real enemies of our Constitutional Republic are not accessible. They are the wealthy donors who pull the strings that control the behavior of our men and women who are elected.  We have not been very unsuccessful in our efforts to vote out these prostitutes that accept these donations, and for decades they have continued to sell out the nation they were elected to protect.

   Our laws are being re-written and are replacing righteousness with evil.  Congressmen and senators enjoying the lucre of the bankers’ work against the nation they have sworn to uphold, and are regularly re-elected by a populace that has been dumbed down and easily deceived. 

   The tragedy is that most of our citizens are not aware of what is happening. They still participate in national elections that have become no more than charades to certify a preselected puppet who will carry out the will of those who support him with the most money.  The results include attacks on free speech, mountains of debt, manipulation of our money supply, perpetual wars, open borders and accepting immigrants with differing cultures and religions. 

   Change will never come through a political system which is, itself, the problem.

   Daniel Webster warned, “There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow. Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. It will come from the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, and from their carelessness and negligence.  I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing.” 

   American Christians have been sowing the seeds of blasphemy for many years.  Their Sunday visit to God’s house is predicated on receiving blessing from the King.  They seem to believe that the King of the Universe is their servant rather than they being His.  Being humble servants of the King is far from most of their minds.  Preachers talk a lot about God’s promises to His people, but they seldom mention that all of those blessings are predicated on obedience.

   The overwhelming majority of our churches are pastored by men and women who have been taught faulty Christian doctrine and are being duped into supporting organizations that are destroying the nation.  As keepers of morality many are not only useless but actually big contributors to immorality.

   Pillar by pillar, law by law, church by church, our government has changed America from righteousness to a nation of liars, professionally, politically, and even religiously.  It has become so bad that we now actually expect lying from everyone.  We hire teachers to teach lies to our children and elect politicians to tell us lies so we can believe lies.  Lies make us feel better.  How else can you explain the almost unimaginable stupidity of our elected officials, and what is being taught in schools with our permission and dollars?

   The only way this could have been pulled off was to wrap the debate in an American flag and convince the church to not intervene.  Right and wrong is no longer defined by the Bible, but by public opinion, and university trained terrorists in black robes.  They told us truth was relative, and ethics were “situational.”  They chided our children, “don’t judge,” and chastised those who did. They removed from the school house wall the scales by which all morality was weighed and soon everyone was doing “what was right in their own eyes.”

   The God of the Bible is a patient, merciful God, Who will only support violence when righteousness will be a result.  The battle between good and evil has been active in God’s creation since the time of Adam and Eve.  It never ceases and will not cease until God’s Son is accepted as King and obeyed as the King He is.  The world pines for obedience to the Commandments God gave to His servant Moses. Obedience to these Commandments would bring peace to the entire world.  
   God cannot bless the two-headed evil that dominates United States politics.  Until Christians achieve the wisdom and gumption to condemn evil and support righteousness, there is little to attract His attention.  

   If you have not already done so, please call on Christ today to be your Savior. We are all sinners saved by grace - soldiers in the Army of God!

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