An Apostle’s Prayer Request – Colossians 1: 9-14

        In our last article, we spent time focusing on Paul praising the Colossians for their faith, love, and hope. He prayed unceasingly, without letting up, that they would persist in faith, love and hope. He did not want them to rest on their accomplishments but desired that they continue to grow in the Lord.

   Think of a professional sports player sitting on the bench. He could have an attitude of, “I made it to the professional level and I make a pretty good pay check so I am content,” or he could be driven to improve his skills due to the opportunity given to him. Paul did not want the Colossians to rest on their laurels (e.g., “well, I am saved and a nice person”); instead, he wanted the Colossians to continue to improve and show their new life in Christ Jesus.  He “desired” that they be filled. This means he “requested, begged, and petitioned” God on their behalf.  Certainly, he petitioned to God, but He is also imploring them to continue to grow in the Lord.  Paul’s petition can be broken into three areas: service, power and gratitude.

1.)  Service (vv. 9-10) 
   Verse nine states, “knowing of His will.”  God’s will refers to what God desires of you.  Notice this is not your will to serve God, but His will for you to serve Him.  It is His guidelines for serving, ...

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