Assault on Our First Freedoms (Part 2)

   Two months ago, I wrote a commentary about the attack on the First Freedoms which are protected by the First Amendment, from governmental actors.  Little did I know that what I wrote then was only the opening salvo in a coordinated and open effort to silence people in the United States of America who profess conservative principles, are confessing Christians with Biblical values or are people who simply seek truth and attempt to shine the light into the darkness of the growing Socialist/Communist/Marxist/Islamist ideologies and their threats to liberty.  

   The cornerstone of our First Amendment speech protections were intended to protect the minority viewpoint from the tyranny of majority.  Our founders’ understanding of the truth of these principles came from lessons learned from years of personal experience with the tyrannical government of Great Britain.  They understood that the most detestable or controversial speech needed protection in order to maintain freedom for all.  They also keenly understood that religious and political speakers needed protection from those who would silence or imprison dissenters from the party in power.  

   Whereas, my last article focused on the government actors who run afoul of the Constitution by attempting to limit a person’s freedom of speech, freedom of religion or right to assemble and to protest, there are no such constitutional ...

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