Is Porn and Epidemic or a Pandemic?

   I just attended the world conference of the American Association of Christian Counselors. There were over 7000 people registered for seminars and continuing education workshops at the conference. 

   Many experts were referring to the use of pornography as being at epidemic proportions.  Morality in Media, a national organization in the fight against porn has declared porn a pandemic.  Even though the distribution of porn is illegal under federal law it now comprises 30% of the total data on the internet. 

   I believe both epidemic and pandemic statements are true. It is easy to find the statistics to prove that the use of porn is out of control in and outside the church. Yet bring up the discussion and see what happens. Very few want to talk about this issue. It is a cancer that destroys relationships, marriages and cripples the church yet the issue is met by many church leaders obstinately. 

  Let me tell you a few true stories. Laura is a professional Christian counselor.  She has been married to Bob for many years. Bob has an attraction to pornography that has grown to include acting out with other women.  He’s having affairs. Bob’s addiction has been passed on to the couple’s son. His addiction to porn and prostitutes has him on probation for breaking laws.  This family belongs to an evangelical, Bible preaching church. Bob has eve ...

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