Public School Indoctrination of Our Kids by Design

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

    I was born in 1943 and never saw my dad until I was two years old because he was overseas fighting in WWII.  It took awhile for me to “warm up” to this stranger and accept him as my father. He was a very strict parent, but I have him to thank for the values he instilled in me. I remember from first grade and on throughout my school days of beginning the day with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  

   I cannot tell you why parents did not revolt against  the changes in our public schools, but I do credit the “powers that be” for forcing mothers out into the workforce to make a living. This was done by design in order to keep mothers from teaching their children values in the home and from mothers knowing what was taking place in our schools. 

   The Feminist movement, the demonstrations in the ‘60s and radical musical singing groups like the Beatles were all part of changing our societal norms.  The One World Government movers and shakers have always believed it their duty to raise and educate our children from the cradle to the grave. They believed it their duty to change the values, beliefs and feelings taught by parents.

   The one thing that made this possible was by nationalizing our educational system. This was done by the establishment of the Department of Ed ...

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