Public School Indoctrination of Our Kids by Design

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

    I was born in 1943 and never saw my dad until I was two years old because he was overseas fighting in WWII.  It took awhile for me to “warm up” to this stranger and accept him as my father. He was a very strict parent, but I have him to thank for the values he instilled in me. I remember from first grade and on throughout my school days of beginning the day with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  

   I cannot tell you why parents did not revolt against  the changes in our public schools, but I do credit the “powers that be” for forcing mothers out into the workforce to make a living. This was done by design in order to keep mothers from teaching their children values in the home and from mothers knowing what was taking place in our schools. 

   The Feminist movement, the demonstrations in the ‘60s and radical musical singing groups like the Beatles were all part of changing our societal norms.  The One World Government movers and shakers have always believed it their duty to raise and educate our children from the cradle to the grave. They believed it their duty to change the values, beliefs and feelings taught by parents.

   The one thing that made this possible was by nationalizing our educational system. This was done by the establishment of the Department of Education at the federal level!  It was Charlotte Iserbyte who was appointed to work for the DOE who found out the evil plans this department had for our kids and who sounded the alarm.  Many of us at that time asked President Reagan to do away with this branch of government and return the writing of curriculum to the local level.  He did not. 

   During my early years in teaching, all teachers in my school district sat down with parents and wrote curriculum from grades kindergarten through high school.  Local control and writing of curriculum was then taken away from all schools in Texas.  This started the dumbing down process. I was told that we were not allowed to teach rote memory but to make school “fun” by using games to teach math and other skills. Many do not know that memorization makes connections in the brain as does cursive writing.  I understand they have done away with that as well. 

   With the introduction of computers in the schools, the argument then became: “It’s not necessary for kids to memorize facts when they can look it up on their computers.”  It is doubtful that parents and teachers knew at that time, the goal of using computers is to “hide proof” of methods used in changing the beliefs, values and feelings of every school child in America! It would tie the hands of the teacher so she would not know what and how students were and still are being brainwashed.  Removing the evidence of books and other printed teaching materials from the classroom keeps parents from knowing what is being taught. 

   At present, there are companies that plan to track every student from the time he enters school until he graduates and beyond. This is what we refer to as “data mining.” This is equivalent to NSA spying on the people of our country. This data mining could create a data base of information that might predict what a child is capable of doing in our society. Predicting whether a child would become a criminal is false reasoning but a good excuse by those who push this. This could even predict what jobs are suited for them which would, again, take away the right of what a child wants to pursue. In other words, they may not have the opportunity of choosing to go to college and receiving a degree in the profession of their choice. (This sounds like China’s educational system).

   President Trump promised to do away with the DOE, but instead chose a woman that has advocated the notorious Common Core curriculum to be taught in our schools.  His “Choice” program he is behind is just another name for the same thing — Common Core.  Changing the name of notorious and radical curriculum is a ploy used for years by the DOE!  This is why it is important to remove this federal agency! 

   In closing, it’s been my experience that many church pastors shy away from people who want to give a presentation to expose the evil as set forth by those in our government that brainwash students and teach them to abandon their Christian beliefs and teachings. 

   Many are afraid this would cause havoc in the church, loss of membership and money contributed to their church. There was a time when the church could have done more to stop a lot of these attacks against believers, but I believe that time has now passed.  Unless, our president is strong enough to fight and rid our country of the DOE, this will continue and Christians will continue to be hated and subjected to abuse. 

   I wish I could be more positive, but so far the battle goes on and nothing has changed. I will say that when the alarm was sounded in the early ‘70s and ‘80s, no one — teachers and parents included — believed this to be true.  As usual, we were viewed as “conspiracy theorists,”  “crazy radicals” trying to cause trouble.

   Several years ago, I was present at a meeting with parents and teachers. The speaker was a teacher but was exposing the tactics of the radical curriculum “Common Core.”  I heard a parent ask why this had not been exposed long ago if this process has been going on for so long. I stood in amazement and politely said, “we did, but you didn’t listen and you and others thought we were crazy unbelievable conspiracy theorist people!”

   If we had been believed at that time, perhaps the story would now be different. Parents need to be more involved in their child’s education and know who the professors are that teach in the colleges they pay to send their children to. They need to let their school districts know they will not tolerate this liberal education their child is receiving. They need to demand their Congressmen make changes in this curriculum and to return the business of writing curriculum to the local level. 

   They need to tell their Congressmen to dissolve and close down the DOE!  As you can now see, we have graduated several generations of dumbed down liberal thinking, anti-Christian kids who are now grown adults. Is it too late to change?

-Sherry Biglow,
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