Eight Signs and Symptoms of a Money Procrastinator (and How to Stop Being One)

   It’s no secret that many people avoid dealing with their finances in a responsible way. You might be one of them. Even if your financial picture looks (mostly) bright, procrastinating on money-related issues can cause you undue stress, anxiety, and unhappiness. And if you have serious money problems to contend with, avoiding facing them could cost you dearly someday.

   Wherever you fall on the money-avoidance spectrum, it’s time to face your financial fears once and for all.

   Just about every person procrastinates on dealing with some aspect of their finances.  Many people have a tremendous amount of anxiety about money that contributes to this avoidance. Either they don’t budget responsibly, or they’re not saving as much as they should, or in some cases, they’re being outright self-destructive by not paying their bills on time, or at all. It all adds up to trouble that could be avoided.

   Money procrastination manifests in many different ways. Answer these questions to identify areas of your financial life where you may be procrastinating.

   • Are you financially disorganized and prone to clutter? Because avoiders dislike dealing with money and related issues, they don’t spend their free time keeping documents organized and easy to find. 

   • Do you pay your bills and taxes late ...

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