New Dinosaur - Buried Alive!

New Dinosaur Might Have Been Buried Alive. That was the headline for a recent article from DiscoveryNews dated March 23, 2010.

The recently discovered dinosaur (a sauropod found in Utah - given the name Seitaad) probably looked something like the one here, even though much of the skeleton was missing.

Theres certainly no shortage of news articles such as this particular one from Discovery News. I think its a fun exercise to read them and practice critical thinking skills. Too often we simply read something (especially when written by scientists) and assume that it must be true and that we are not in a position to question it because we lack the advanced, superior knowledge to understand such issues.

I personally believe that one of the most significant issues within the public school system (in addition to it being largely founded upon humanistic philosophy) is the fact that they are teaching what to think rather than how to think. Teaching critical thinking skills equips students with the ability to take in raw facts and develop their own well thought-out conclusions (as opposed to being told what to think followed by a few facts that on the surface may seem to support that view).

Regarding the dinosaur article, I am simply going to make two interesting comments

Point #1: They mention evidence that the dinosaur was buried alive. This is exactly what we would expect to find if there truly was a worldwide catastrophic ...

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