‘What’s the Evidence?’ is Taking the Biblical Account of Creation on the Road

   With the constant buzz of coronavirus all around us, it has been particularly refreshing to listen to the sweet songs of the birds that are still free to sing their optimistic springtime chorus as they usher in warmer weather.  While much of the world is gripped by coronavirus and seems to be paused, spring is still unfolding before us here in the Midwest. 

   With warmer temperatures on the horizon, I was leafing through a gardening book recently and came across an interesting little explanation about seeds and how they grow.  A seed’s roots know to grow downward regardless of how the seed is oriented in the ground when planted because of gravity.  The book’s author described that once the root is secured with little feeder roots that take up moisture and nutrients, the root communicates up to the top with an “all-clear below” signal.  At this point, the top sprouts and starts growing upward against gravity. 

   On further investigation, I have learned what the book described is a process technically called “gravitropism.”  While I understand the book’s author is writing as a gardener, and not a biologist, the explanation could leave one questioning, from where does the “all-clear signal” come?  To answer questions like this and so many other essential questions about origins, we can come time and time again to Genesis 1 ...

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