Grasp for That For Which We Were Created

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   Since 9/11, I have struggled with American pride. What is the Godly balance of being a good steward of all God has given us as compared to humanistic “Pride?” 

As I was praying for our country this morning (since 4 a.m.) and thinking about how rebellious we have become against the Word of God and His instruction for us as His Creation, I realized just how prideful we are. LOOK at all the idolatry that surrounds us. We all have it!

   Look at the money spent on politics. What could be done to help the poor among us?  Look at the admiration we have for mortal men. We revere them, hoist them up in idolatry.  Men who can’t even relate to most people who struggle to eat, because of big government oppressing the people. We have done this to ourselves.  

   There was a time when men allowed God to rule over them. We can see the evidence of a world who has denied God and set up a kingdom of idols they worship instead. I am reading in Isaiah and find much peace there as I pray for our nation that has become so proud. I realize God will bring low the high and lofty. ALWAYS.   WHAT are we bragging about? 

   King Hezekiah showed off all his riches to messengers from the king of Babylon and God made sure they were taken from him by enemy forces.  His pride and boas ...

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