Allah the ‘god’ Who Was (Part 3)

   In our previous articles we examined the words of Allah in the Qur’an concerning his attributes of knowing and his attributes of wisdom. Shockingly, we discovered the verb “was” to be strongly attached to his nature, which is great evidence that Allah, the god of Mohammed, is a changeable god since he “was knowing and wise” but now is not. However, that in itself is great evidence that Allah cannot be the true God of the Bible. In this article, we will examine another attribute of Allah tied to the verb “was.” This is the attribute of being the keeper of intercession. 

   First, let us examine what is written in Qur’an 4:85 where we read: “Whoever intercedes a good intercession, a portion of it will be his. And whoever intercedes an evil intercession, a portion of it will be his. And Allah was keeper over all things.”  When we read this verse, we discover that Muslim believers are given the privilege to intercede on behalf of others. In Muslim scholar Al-Qurtubi’s interpretation, he stated that when a Muslim believer intercedes to benefit others, he has a share, and that whoever intercedes to harm others, he will gain that also. He also stated that whoever intercedes with good intercession to reconcile two people will be rewarded and whoever pursues gossip and backbiting will have the evil of it. 

   Finally, Al-Qurtubi stated that th ...

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