Coming – the Godless Surveillance State

   In “The City of God,” St. Augustine noted that without justice, government is nothing more than organized robbery.   The justice he meant, of course, was the justice that Christians (and others of common sense) would typically find summarized in the Ten Commandments and the New Testament, and not the catch-all of inane ideologies touted as “social justice” by today’s progressives.   And the organized robbery that takes place involves far more than money or material goods – it robs us of our freedom.

   Believers have no doubt that Scripture is the very foundation of honest justice.   Without it, there are no immutable truths, no solid anchors to keep us responsible and accountable to each other and to our God.   Without Biblical truths as anchors, the concept of morality, for example, becomes nothing more than a human construct that can be changed whenever the whim strikes (as in the ‘60s sexual revolution; as in Roe v. Wade; as in LGBTQ “bathroom laws”; etc.).   

   When governments operate without a Scriptural grounding, at risk (among other things) are the value and the sovereignty of the individual.   For example, the coronavirus “pandemic” has spawned many tin gods (national, state, and local) and given them the opportunity to dictate new and restrictive rules of behavior to large groups of individuals on issu ...

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