The Testimony of Unclean Spirits

February 2022
   In this month’s article, we will give a rebuttal to the claim of Dr. Jamal Omer, a Muslim author of the book, The Road to Hypocrisy for the Coptic Orthodox, who is filled with hatred toward Christ and Christians. As I read his book, I concluded that whenever Dr. Omer wrote any sentence, he was lying. We will only respond to a few topics in his book, not his entire book, as the Lord leads. 

   For example, on page 80 Dr. Omer wrote an article named “The Testimony of the Unclean Spirits about Christ.”

   Dr. Omer introduced his article by writing: “There is something strange about this man Christ. Only the unclean spirits and demons recognized Him and mentioned that He is the only Son of God. There is something suspicious in this matter which opened the door and space for the lies of the mouth of these demons who are described in their Holy Bible as liars and the father of all lies.”

   Yes, indeed, I agree. Satan and his demons are liars. According to Dr. Omer, the unclean spirits and demons are the only ones who recognized Jesus to be the Son of God. However, reading the Bible will bring us to the conclusion that the prophets of the Old Testament acknowledged that Jesus would come in the flesh and that He is the Son of God. The angels, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, John the Baptist, the disciples, a ...

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