Think About This

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   For those of you who think your government only has your best interest at heart and have drunk heartily of the COVID “Kool Aide” and duly submitted to the government “protocol” of the COVID vaccines as the only “cure” for this “deadly” virus, I pray for you.

   Take a moment and ask yourself some thought-provoking questions.

   How did the COVID pandemic and hysteria develop so quickly?

   Who fanned the fires of fear and unreasonable panic among the people?

   How did Big Pharma come up with their COVID vaccines in less than 12 months after the start of the pandemic?  It has taken up to 12 years for previous vaccine development.

   Who is really paying for the hundreds of millions of vaccine doses being administered?

   Why have there been over one million adverse reactions and over 20 thousand deaths from the vaccines just in America?

   Why are so many people experiencing neurological disorders from COVID infections and the vaccines?

   Why are the vaccines not working as Big Pharma and the government promised?

   Why are more vaccinated people now getting COVID and its variants than unvaccinated people?

Why ...

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