The Wilderness Experience

   I think I was about 8 years old when I wrote my first “Bible commentary” for a school assignment.  I received an “F” on that assignment, by the way, because the teacher said the subject matter was “inappropriate” for school.”  When I was ten years old, I developed — seemingly out of nowhere — an interest in writing and publishing.  I acquired a mimeograph machine and began publishing a small newsletter magazine of my own.  I mailed copies to family, teachers and friends — even sending copies to relatives overseas in Ireland and England, and north, up to Canada.  This was strange, because I really had no experience with any of this.  Yet, for some reason, it seemed to come naturally to me.  
   It was then that my parents told me of our family history: the Pue family had the fist printing press in Ireland, and published the first newspaper there, starting in the 1600s.  After researching our family history more deeply, I discovered that there has always been at least one person in every generation involved in newspaper publishing, and at least one person in every generation involved in Christian ministry.  I find it interesting that now, I seem to have combined both vocations into one.  
   But my publishing days as a youth wer ...

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