Deception Abounds

August 2022

   Extreme deception is filling our world today.  

   It is happening by the way of newscasts.  The distorted biased reporting that is rampant in secular newspapers and mainstream media bows to the liberal narrative.  Truth is irrelevant as long as the goals are advanced.  And if the actual truth doesn’t meet the narrative, well then “it’s just not newsworthy.”

   Deception is happening in education.  The true history of Columbus, the pilgrims, the founding of our nation, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and others are being destroyed to promote a new political correctness.  Statues have been torn down and replaced as new accounts and storylines are created that never did happen.  While schools will boldly say “Critical race theory is not taught here,” they have just changed the wrapper with a new label while the destructive instruction brainwashes our children.  Children are taught that boys can be girls and girls can be boys or you can be neither.  Some teachers allow children to change their gender identification and pronouns during the school day only to revert to their correct biological gender when they return home so parents won’t find out.  

   Definitions are creatively changed in dictionaries in order to deceive the public.  “Sex&r ...

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