Pro Life vs Abolitionism

August 2022

   Last year, I wrote an article discussing the serious unbiblical issues with “pro-life.” I would like to re-visit this topic. Since Roe vs. Wade was thrown out, I have seen many statements by “Pro-life” groups and President Trump, taking credit for this. But this was in spite of “pro-life,” as well as Mr. Trump. This is also in spite of abolitionists who have been fighting this battle and doing so abiding in God’s Word and standing against ALL abortion, not just “some” abortions, as “pro-life” does with its ideology, including “incrementalism.” This was accomplished by the Sovereignty of God!

   Here are the problems with “pro-life” — 

   God says those who murder their own children are “murderers,” an “abomination” and are to be held accountable. But “pro-life’s” ideology, states the OPPOSITE — they are NOT murderers or an “abomination” and they are not to be held accountable. Rather, they are “victims” and victims should not be accountable for anything, hence, the definition of the term “victim.”

   They dilute the power of the Gospel and of God’s Word by taking words like “torturer” and “murderer” and redefining them to just making a ...

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