How Hunger Can Lead to Evil

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November 2022

   “Two things I ask of you; deny them not to me before I die: Remove far from me falsehood and lying; give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is needful for me, lest I be full and deny you and say, ‘Who is the LORD?’ or lest I be poor and steal and profane the name of my God.”  (Proverbs 30:7-9 ESV).

   It took me years to understand that if I was hungry or tired, I wasn’t fun to be around. It was much easier to be patient and gracious with others if I was well-rested and my belly was full. We should like to think that we are better than the needs of our bodies, but God could have made us as wispy spirits, and He didn’t. It would be easier to be ‘spiritual’ if we were nothing but spirit, but evidently there is something good about being able to partake of creation — and furthermore, to depend on it for our health and good humor.

   Knowing this, we would not want to be so foolish as to think that we are better than God’s actual plan. Doing so may set us up for bitter disappointment when circumstances force us to realize that God “cannot be mocked.” But perhaps you already know all this.

It nonetheless bears repeating, as there are dark clouds gathering above our nation. We can already feel the trembling of distant thunder. A storm approaches, and we still do not know if it will pass by us, dissipate before it gets to us, or descend upon us in full force.

   Hard choices may be presented to us very soon. Will we comply?  Will we violate our consciences for a loaf of bread?  Will we participate in a wicked system? 

   There is talk afoot about a new ‘digital currency’ that will allow governments to track our every purchase — and penalize us accordingly. A recent headline announced that governments might have the ability to simply ‘disable’ the ability to use the currency for certain types of purchases. This IS coming.  ‘Those’ people cannot resist the opportunity to wield such power.

   Meanwhile, we are already faced with an ongoing moral compromise that I trust concerns the reader as much as it does me, the writer. I refer to how much of what we purchase comes from China, a known abuser of human rights. It appears that there are literally concentration camps there already, and the world stands by and watches. We find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having certain necessities, and only being able to obtain them from Chinese communists.

   Or, have you perhaps heard that many corporations — right here in America — use human body parts to develop their products? The corporations think nothing of it because the humans in question were ‘terminated’ in a ‘voluntary’ procedure before they were born. The Wisconsin university system has no problem with it for the same reason, tacking on their smug re-assurance that they will achieve some ‘common good’ out of it. Our tax dollars subsidize the latter, but when the government lets us keep some of our own money, we can be found buying things from those corporations.

   I believe we will someday answer for these travesties. In the here and now, we will eventually witness the fruits of a society that has tolerated and embraced such activities. I shudder to think of the reckoning before the throne of God; but I do thank God for his grace and mercy when I do contemplate it.

   How do we untangle ourselves from such compromising arrangements? I can only tell you how I began the process, myself.  And I don’t say that I’ve completed it!

   The problem, I realized, was that so much of what I actually need is produced by people with despicable values engaging in despicable activities. Whether it is related to food, shelter, or safety, the welfare of me and my family literally depended on what these people produced. The solution, then, is actually very straight-forward: find another way to meet those needs.

   For me, that meant moving out on to land and starting a produce farm, doing my best to slowly become more and more self-sufficient. I know that a day is coming when the powers-that-be attempt to hold ransom my ‘needs’ in exchange for compromising my values.  However, my needs will be met, so I will not be forced to compromise my values. True, I will have to give up my ‘wants,’ but having the approval of a clean conscience more than makes up for it.

   This has been a twenty-year journey for me. From the day I realized I needed to make a change, to the day when changes started to happen, took years. You may be further along than I am or you might just be starting. I encourage you to keep plugging away, because the storm is approaching, but so, too, is the Lord of the Storm, and He will demand an accounting.

   If I can be part of your plan for providing your family food without compromising your moral compass, by all means, reach out to me through my website, or by email,

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