Where's the Beef?

January 2023

Several decades in the past there was a Wendy’s hamburger commercial on TV. A little, old lady starts off at a competitor, checks the burger and asks, “Where’s the beef?”

   Apparently, the hamburger patty was size-impaired, much smaller than the bun. The question was valid and could be asked today. Seems burgers are getting smaller, and prices are going up. 

   Often, I hear that question concerning the Bible, questioning the validity of the Bible. “Where’s the proof?” The proof is everywhere if one seeks the truth.

   Did you know there are people who think that Jesus never existed? Most Jewish people acknowledge that Jesus existed and most acknowledge that He was Jewish. Muslims acknowledge the same. Still, many think otherwise. I believe today’s education system has a lot to do with that trend.

   The reality is, there is plenty of beef in the proof department.

   An internet search of Bible Archaeology discoveries the past 100 years should provide proof of biblical/historical accuracy to any human with an ounce of logic. Often an ounce of logic in today’s deuced world is not logical at all.

   The town of Bethsaida is mentioned in both the Old and the New Testaments. It is the town where the apostles Peter, Philip and And ...

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