What Difference Does It Make? (Part 4)

June/July 2023
   In the first three parts of this series we have looked at choices made by man from Adam to those who are ready to enter the land first promised to Abraham.  These choices were all made of their own free will, each with their own consequences predetermined by God our creator.  God is always in control of the outcome of our choices. 

   What is grace, and how does God’s grace fit into the history of man so far?  The Hebrew word for grace (2580) means to give or obtain favor with loving kindness. Thus having nothing to do with whether one deserves it or not. The Greek word (5485) is the same with additionally, favor being reciprocated with humility and gratitude, bringing more grace as we see in James 4:1-10.  Read II Peter 3:15-18 to see that the longsuffering of the Lord is salvation (II Peter 3:9).  God never deals with man based upon what we deserve, but only what we need.  Because God’s love is perfect, He said in Romans 9:15 to Moses that “I will have compassion and have mercy on whom I will,” all to accomplish His purpose. Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden as a result of their choices.  Cain was totally dependent upon others for his daily food as a result of his choices.  Noah and his family were spared in the flood based upon his choices, and so on.  Even though God promised the land of Canaan to Abraham and ...

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