Daily Devotion

GOD TALK -- Favored Son

Jacob had 12 sons. They were conceived and born through two wives and two servants (Genesis 35:22b-26a).
One son was favored (37:3a). This was Joseph, the first son born through Rachel in Jacob’s old age, who was Jacob’s favored wife (29:30a). Jacob even made Joseph a “robe of many colors” (v.3b). Great was the tension between Joseph and his brothers (v.4b)
God also gave Joseph a special ability. He was able to have special dreams, and to interpret dreams (vv.5-9). This skill would bear fruit in Joseph’s future. Now it only intensified the hatred of his brothers.
In the two dreams Joseph had and shared it appeared that his brothers, and his father would be subservient to this favored son. The jealousy only increased. The unfairness we struggle with as humans is a common theme in Joseph’s story.
REFLECTION: In His Word God often used dreams to convey messages.