Daily Devotion


Jesus had a visible, three-pronged ministry. He healed, He taught, and He trained disciples. His fourth, and most prominent ministry—redemption, was largely hidden until the end of His ministry.
In regard to that third area, we find Jesus adding another disciple in Matthew 9. If His previous choices “raised eye brows,” this choice raised concern. Jesus chose a tax collector named Matthew (v.9a). Such men were hated by their fellow Jews since they worked for the Roman government, and were notorious for over-taxing for extra personal profit.
Jesus’ words of invitation were simple—““Follow me”” (v.9b). Matthew left behind his former life to start this new, unknown venture with Jesus.
We next find Jesus at Matthew’s home, sharing in a meal (v.10). Also there was a mixed crowd—of other tax collectors and Jewish leaders.  The latter criticized Jesus for eating with sinners (v.11). Jesus reflected on His mission—He came for sinners, rather than the righteous (v.13b). Jesus came for us.
REFLECTION: We too are chosen, to be transformed so we can serve in
                           Christ’s kingdom.