About Wisconsin Christian News

Wisconsin Christian News is a cooperative effort by active Christians from all walks of life. In our pages and on our website, you will find Information, Education and Inspiration, with a majority of the articles written by members of our "WCN family" of contributors. WE HAVE SOME OF THE BEST CHRISTIAN WRITERS IN THE NATION IN OUR PAGES, FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY -- AND WCN IS NOT JUST FOR WISCONSIN! We have subscribers in nearly all fifty states, and our website is used by people WORLDWIDE!

WCN is dedicated to publishing the TRUTH -- regardless of "political correctness," standing up for America's historical Christian heritage and urging a return to the moral standards that our country once promoted. We offer hard-hitting, thought-provoking commentary, inspired teaching, real life testimonies, relevant news (National, World, State, Regional), and MUCH MORE, all in the various sections of our 48-page printed newspaper.

In addition to providing valuable content to the Christian community, our real focus is on reaching those who are lost and seeking, or those who have been alienated from "church" as an institution in the past. You'll find WCN on the racks in lobbies of grocery stores, family restaurants, truck stops, bookstores, libraries, hotels and other public places. We can barely keep the news racks stocked each month, as people are HUNGRY for the TRUTH!

Why Do We Charge to Use Parts of the Website?

Every month, we distribute thousands of copies of Wisconsin Christian News free of charge, made available in public news stands. We also deliver copies to jail inmates, shut-ins, nursing home residents and hospital patients. These copies are meant for outreach, to reach those who are seeking, or may be unbelievers. We have had wonderful testimonies from people who have come to know the Lord for the first time, or returned to Him, after many years away, after finding and reading our newspaper in a public place. This is our outreach mission.

However, it costs a great deal of money to do that, and while we constantly receive requests for even MORE copies in these public areas, we are only able to stock as many as we can afford to. Therefore, we ask that Christians who appreciate what we do and who read our newspaper and website on a regular basis, help support the work with a SUBSRIPTION or a DONATION. We strive to keep our subscription rates as low as possible, but we do need to cover our costs as well as be good stewards of the funds available so that we can continue providing the paper for free to those who are seeking. NOTE:  as each new edition of WCN is published, it is available online for FREE.  However, when the next edition comes out, all previous articles are "archived" on our website (we have THOUSANDS of excellent articles and resources on our website); and these archives are only accessible by having an online subscription.  Online subscriptions also give you the ability to DOWNLOAD our 'WCN RADIO' broadcasts.

While some secular newspapers are seeing a decline in readership, Wisconsin Christian News has seen a steady increase in demand for more and more copies of the paper to be made available, and with the help of our faithful supporters and subscribers, we pray we will be able to continue to reach more people every month. Likewise, your generous donation to our newspaper ministry, in any amount, is used directly to place more copies of the paper in the hands of new readers.

You can subscribe easily and quickly here: http://www.wisconsinchristiannews.com/subscribe.php

And you can DONATE to our ministry outreach easily and quickly here: http://www.wisconsinchristiannews.com/donations.php

We hope you understand, and that you will stand with us in supporting Christian media here in Wisconsin, and FAR BEYOND!

Together in His service,

Rob & Lisa Pue, Publishers


What We Believe

The Bible
“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”
(2 Timothy 3:16).

Jesus Christ
“But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing ye might have life through His name”
(John 20:31).

Man’s Need
“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”
(Romans 3:23).

“For the wages of sin is death”
(Romans 6:23).

God’s Provision
“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

Man’s Response
“He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him”
(John 3:36).

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”
(Romans 10:13).


Wisconsin Christian News is doing a tremendous service for the people of God in these difficult days. So much within contemporary Christianity is merely fluff -- but not WCN. Keep the faith Rob, and keep up the good work! Steve Wohlberg Speaker/Director, White Horse Media www.whitehorsemedia.com
Steve Wohlberg
White Horse Media, Idaho
Ever since moving to Wisconsin and picking up my first issue of the Wisconsin Christian News, I've been impressed by the integrity, hard work, commitment, and excellence with which Rob Pue puts together each issue of the paper. It must be a thankless job yet it blesses and encourages countless numbers of Christians. Most importantly, he promotes the truth backed by the Word of God without compromise or apology, so that many others would draw closer to Jesus Christ. This encourages people to "Preach the word, in season and out of season". More true believers need to read this paper!
Dave Fiorazo
Radio Show Host, Actor, Writer, Appleton, Wis.
I was delighted to find a copy of WCN when I moved into a new area! It is refreshing to read positive news--to see the Holy Spirit moving in many areas and uniting Christians! WCN is a valuable tool in reaching the lost--Pass it on. I'm blessed in being a part of the Prayer Ministry and glad to make a small monthly donation to support this ministry. Emma Allen, Wausau, Wis.
Emma Allen
Wausau, Wis
I cannot express my deep appreciation for Wisconsin Christian News and, especially, Rob Pue. I value the insight and inspiration I find when reading the articles. Not only my camp, but all of our partner programs, advertise in WCN. (If you want another example of the value we place on WCN, we even provide the newspaper to our campers.) For me, the greatest benefit is the WCN Expo each year. The opportunity to talk with other Christian groups, learn from the different speakers and offer our ministries to people in need is invaluable. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at barry@clbc.net.
Barry Rudesill, Camp Director
Crescent Lake Bible Camp, RHINELANDER, Wis.
We are MPK Christian Celtic Band (www.mpkband.com) and have been advertising in Wisconsin Christian News for a number of years now. It has been a great help for getting us "out there" and the yearly cost of advertising is extremely reasonable in comparison with other media outlets. The annual Wisconsin Christian News Expo is a great networking opportunity for musicians to interact with each other and have opportunity to perform. We really appreciate Rob and all the people we have formed bonds with over the years. Thank you WCN!
Deb Johnson
MPK Christian Celtic Band, Chili, Wis.
WCN is amazing! It encourages me, strengthens my faith, and helps me connect my faith to relevant social issues. I have been able to use many of the articles as a bridge to witness to my unsaved friends. What a treasure! Many thanks to Rob and all the contributors.
Chris McMahan
Christiani-tea, Waukesha, Wis.

"Over the past several years, I have been personally blessed by Rob Pue and his ability to stick with his vision of his Wisconsin Christian Newspaper being the deliverer of articles and information from diverse theological view points. These articles have helped me to understand some of the views of some groups that I never would have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. WCN is a great asset to the Christian community of this state."

Ted Nelson, Pastor
The Grace Station, Wausau, Wis.

"We are honored to partner with The Wisconsin Christian News. They provide fascinating news, articles and opinions for Christians on a variety of topics important to our faith. In times when core principles of our Christian faith are under siege, WCN offers information and perspective crucial to our walk with Jesus Christ."

Mike Lemay, General Manager
Q90 FM, Green Bay, Wis.
I have been a columnist and advertising partner with the Wisconsin Christian News (WCN) for over three years. Not only do I find reading the paper to be informative, encouraging and enlightening, working with Rob Pue has been consistently a pleasure and a rewarding experience. His ministry personally and through the WCN is one filled with God's love
Sheila Luck, BS JD, Author, Event Speaker, and Mediator
Connecting Choices, LLC, Appleton, Wis.
"Want to be inspired instead of depressed? Then find hope and encouragement from the Wisconsin Christian News! It is the positive alternative as Rob Pue does his best to give from his heart to inspire us here in Wisconsin. Also a great place to advertise to the audience that is looking for Christian products to further enhance their lives."
Pastor Dan Kohn
Bethlehem Lutheran, Eau Claire, Wis.
Wisconsin Christian News is a rare find. It provides an amazing variety of resources and challenges for the reader on every page. For the Christian seeking information and growth it is part vision-casting, part how-to, part meditation, part family advocate, and certainly a central vehicle for building community in an age where we need each other. Thank you Rob and Lisa for providing this valuable resource.
Lynda Savage, M.S.
Founder of the Center for Family Healing, Inc. and Practical Fam, Menasha, Wis.
I am proud to be associated with Wisconsin Christian News. The organization has a heart for Christ and a love of God, which is inspirational. WCN is an outstanding body of work providing stories, news articles and feature reporting - essential reading for any Christian seeking to have their faith focused, spirits lifted and their roll as an evangelist challenged. I pray for God to continue to bless Wisconsin Christian News. Working with them has certainly been a blessing to me.
Mary C. Catterton, Founder
Waters of Life Ministry for Women, Inc., Appleton, Wis.
"I have been involved with WI Christian News for many years and find it a great way to network with other Christian organizations! I advertise in it, have presented at the Expo for the past 3 years and recommend you read the stimulating Christian articles therein contained. We are all a stronger, more directed Christian voice when we network and that is a strong focus of WCN. Feel free to contact me at Mel@mandmteam.com or 608-576-2636 if you have questions about our support and interaction with WCN."
Mel Curtiss
The M & M Team, Madison, Wis.
"I have been involved with WI Christian News for many years and find it a great way to network with other Christian organizations! I advertise in it, have presented at the 2009 Expo and recommend you read the stimulating Christian articles therein contained. We are all a stronger, more directed Christian voice when we network and that is a strong focus of WCN. Feel free to contact me at Mel@mandmteam.com or 608-576-2636 if you have questions about our support and interaction with WCN."
Mel Curtiss
The M & M Team, MADISON, Wis.
WCN is a great Christain Newspaper because its authors are accuate and ineresting and many important topics are covered each month.
Jim Lees
Great Partners With Youth, Milwaukee, Wis.
Here is another example of the value of Networking through WCN. I had an exhibit at every WCN Expo since the very first one. At that first one is where I met the Saviors Songbirds and have come to love and respect them more each year. As a result of meeting them at the Expo, I eventually had the privilege of inviting them to my Church, Fellowship Bible Church, of Marathon, Wi. We advertised their concert as a Celebration of Life because of the miraculous way God has blessed us with the Songbirds Daddy Bill's healing after a devastating series of strokes. God also blessed our own Hoyt family where Daddy Mitch suffered an injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down. The two families have become close friends and shared the stage at this years Expo. For those who missed it, Mitch played the guitar and sang, accompanied by his wife Chris at the Keyboard and his four precious daughters doing a great job of singing. They touched many hearts. And it all happened because God blessed the idea of WCN and the annual Expo. May there be many more.
Dave Luepke
The Rebounder Guy, Edgar, Wis.
"Among the many things I am most grateful for is Rob Pue, our editor and creative genius behind Wisconsin Christian News. You know the saying, 'You don't miss your water until your well runs dry?' Well, Rob is the wellspring of wisdom, compassion, honor, faith, humility - if you don't think so, just go a month or two without reading the articles in his paper - when the well dries up, you will realize what you have lost..."
-Dr. James Bowman, Alternative Health Concepts, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Dr. James Bowman
Alternative Health Concepts, Stevens Point, Wis.
I am writing to tell you how greatly I have benefited from the monthly newspaper you have sent me. I have been moved from the county jail system to the Wisconsin Prison System. As you may imagine, my life as in inmate can be hard and sad. But I want to tell you the Wisconsin Christian News has given me peace, hope and inspiration during this trying time in my life. I especially like to share it with other men who are in here with me so that they can also have that peace. I am not very good at giving testimony, but when speaking to others who have read the same article in your newspaper, I then can communicate how each article relates to my walk with Christ Jesus and how I can apply some of the wisdom, knowledge and strength I gain from each article with the men that I share with. So once again, I thank you for sending me the Christian News and will remain committed to sharing with each new paper.
"P.B." - Full Name Withheld
"Wisconsin Christian News is a solid, Biblically-based publication that is reaching out to Christians and non-Christians across Wisconsin and Northern Michigan. It is a publication that has been long over-due in this region and one that I know has personally touched many lives through the diversity of articles and authors. There is something for everyone in Wisconsin Christian News."
Daryl Christensen
Nationally-known author and speaker
Gr8fish Ministries, Wautoma, Wisconsin
"I am writing this note to endorse and recommend to you a long time friend, Rob Pue. He was one of our Awana clubbers when he was in the third grade and one of our best in memorization of Scripture. He was the first Timothy Award winner at our club and has continued through all the awards in Awana, including all memory work from third through eighth grade, over 600 verses. He is currently a member in good standing at the same local church, and an Awana leader himself. His integrity is one I can trust. God is blessing the ministry of Wisconsin Christian News through him and I recommend to you use this ministry to further your local ministry and reach beyond."
Roy Koopman
Awana Missionary to Central & Northern Wisconsin
"I have been honored and humbled by my involvement with Rob & Lisa Pue and their work with the Wisconsin Christian News. They walk the walk, the word comes from their surrendered hearts in service to the Lord, and in the darkened and chaotic world of today, what could be more important and more uplifting than to remember and strengthen our relationship with the One who created us? I endorse your support of this fine and worthy cause whole heartedly. It will truly bless you and everyone who is touched by the work."
Dr. James Bowman
Alternative Health Concepts, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
"Pick up any traditional newspaper and what you will quickly find is depression. The front page is usually filled with the emotionally-laden stories tied to the "ain't-it awful" theme. In striking contrast, Wisconsin Christian News is a joy-builder since it gives the good news related to Christ at work in today's world, including here in Wisconsin. Say thanks to God and Rob, by supporting this noble, challenging effort!"
Dan Kohn
Lutheran Family Services, Wausau, Wisconsin
"If I want to know what is going on in the North Central Wisconsin Christian Community or if I am looking for a resource for a special event, the Wisconsin Christian News is the first place I turn. Besides being loaded with resource information, the encouragement and inspiration from the variety of local contributors and nationally known leaders is sure to provide inspiration and encouragement to the Christian reader."
Anne Weibel
Child Evangelism Fellowship
"Pro-Life Wisconsin is pleased to be an advertiser with Wisconsin Christian News. As a Christian ministry, we appreciate the paper's advocacy in defense of God's plan for all innocent human life, at all stages, without exception or compromise. We are impressed by the comprehensive coverage of pro-life news in Wisconsin."
Peggy Hamill
Pro Life Wisconsin, Brookfield, Wisconsin
"Wisconsin Christian News is a blessing from God to the people of Wisconsin. The ministry of publisher, Rob Pue, and the rest of the staff at WCN is a powerful one. Each issue of WCN is packed with well-written, informative, relevant, and inspiring articles with a bold Christian perspective. It's so refreshing and encouraging to have this much-needed positive alternative to the pervasive secular media. WCN is a valuable resource to Christians and a great witness to seekers. I believe in the mission and quality work of WCN and wholeheartedly recommend WCN to every household, ministry and Christian business. That's why I support the ministry of WCN."
Jim Pinter
Promised Land Paintball, Kenosha, Wisconsin
"We are blessed to have a newspaper such as the Wisconsin Christian News. We advertise our churches and ministry in their paper, and have been quite pleased with the results! Uplifting and informative, it is a refreshing alternative to the secular newspapers. It is wonderful to see a publication that lifts up the name of Christ, and that can be a beacon of hope to a lost and dying world!"
Rev. Danny & Lee Anne Hood
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Wisconsin Christian News is a much needed newspaper for the state of Wisconsin. The newspaper is filled with inspirational articles that speak to everyday needs of people and family values. I also use the paper as an informational directory about Christian events and ministries, so I can help direct people if they are seeking certain types of ministries."
Pastor Stephen Stauffacher
Capitoland Christian Center, Madison, Wisconsin
"Since its inception, WCN has been dedicated to sharing the encouragement of the gospel with all Christians in Wisconsin. WCN is an inclusive magazine, accepting articles from dedicated writers of all denominations. Young and old will find something of value in its pages, from those who enjoy challenging, insightful editorials, to those who enjoy the crosswords on the children's page. Its articles are thought provoking and timely, dealing with current events, healthful living, and Biblical instruction."
Dr. Richard Patchett
Marshfield, Wisconsin
"I thank God for the work that Rob and Lisa Pue are doing with the newspaper. I was amazed to find such a paper when a copy was first shared with me. We at Dells Christian Campground have been advertising in Wisconsin Christian News for two years and expect to for many more. It was great that Rob and Lisa came to the camp and did a feature article for us. The ad that they put together has brought in many new families. Working with Rob on our advertising needs is like working with an old friend. Keep up the good work, Rob and Lisa!"
Gareth Sternitske
Pres, Dells Christian Campground
"Please let me recommend to you and also encourage you to use the Wisconsin Christian News. The Wisconsin Christian News has been of great help and encouragement to our church family. The publisher Rob Pue and his wife have sacrificed and worked very hard to provide you and our state with a quality Christian newspaper that would honor God and be an inspiration to God's people. Please avail yourself of this valuable tool God has provide for us and please pray that the paper would bring Glory to the LORD and further His kingdom."
Joe Everett, Former Pastor
Calvary Bible Church, Marshfield, Wisconsin
"Wisconsin Christian News is proving to be an excellent resource for keeping current on state, national, and international issues of concern to Christians. Reading each issue will make you aware of resources, ministries, and activities for Christians across Wisconsin. Rob and Lisa Pue are to be commended for putting together such a fine, readable, and informative paper. Rob and Lisa, keep up the good work."
Kenneth E. Henes
Executive Director
WCMA, Inc.
"I have found the Wisconsin Christian News to be an effective way of informing the Christian community about my music and mission ministry. Rob is a man of God that desires to support the churches of Wisconsin. I know that he will continue to diligently make sure that the publication is one with which I can be proud to be associated."
Don Shire
Don Shire Ministries, Inc.
Wisconsin Family Council is proud to be a ministry partner with Wisconsin Christian News and to be included as a regular columnist each month. We value our relationship with Rob and the paper because both desire to give Wisconsin Christians a biblical understanding of the important issues of our day. We're grateful for the vision and hard work of Rob and Lisa and believe God will continue to bless their efforts with WCN. -Julaine Appling Wisconsin Family Council, Madison, Wisconsin
Julaine Appling
Wisconsin Family Council, Madison, Wisconsin
God has truly blessed the WCN publication. It is an excellent resource for information and revelation to equip believers on issues and introduce us to other ministries that serve the Kingdom of God in our state. Thank you for your role in building the Kingdom of God through this ministry tool.
Pastor Matt Mallek
Good News Fellowship Church, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
"I am always excited to get a copy of WCN and can hardly put it down before reading it from cover to cover. The articles are always interesting and thought provoking and the publication of a Christian newspaper is refreshing. I've sent it to relatives and friends living in other areas of the country and the feedback is always encouraging because they are encouraged by its contents". - Beverly Alfonso
Beverly Alfonso, Author
Antigo, Wisconsin
In our information age, most of us are overwhelmed with newspapers, internet updates, newscasts, magazines, infomercials, and other sources of news. While these sources are often helpful, few of them focus on news from a Biblical perspective. The Wisconsin Christian News is different. It contains an excellent blend of renown Christian leaders and local scholars offering news and information from a decidedly Christian point of view. I highly recommend it to both laity and clergy alike.
Dr. Jeffrey Hinds
Senior Pastor
Highland Community Church, Wausau
As a pastor in Wisconsin I am glad to see a newspaper like Wisconsin Christian News. It offers a wealth of information and is full of inspiration and encouragement. I have not had exposure to such a resource until coming to Wisconsin. The paper has been wonderful in helping our church promote upcoming events and designing layouts that best fit our needs. I am glad to be included with this paper. It would be great to see more ministries get behind such an asset to the state
Pastor Jeff Sheeks
Grace Baptist Church, Plover, WI
God uses men of faith to present the Gospel, encourage others, and challenge others. Rob Pue, publisher at Wisconsin Christian News, is such a man. Ever since I have known him, Rob has done his absolute best to serve my company, providing encouragement and marketing opportunities, far above and beyond what is typically expected from a business today. Rob will do all he can for his fellow Christian brothers and sisters.
Jeremiah M. Zeiset
Jeremiah M. Zeiset
Life Sentence Publishing, Abbotsford, WI
Sometimes in the course of everyday life, we cross paths with someone we truly respect. Rob Pue is one of those people. In Rob's case, a simple "thank you" for all of his unselfish labor may be the normal, but more than that is justified. Rob Pue has always treated me with understanding, helpfulness, and honesty in our ministry efforts. He has always kept his word with me. Our ministry has advertised in the Wisconsin Christian News, and I have been honored to be part of their monthly commentary team. To those who are considering a working relationship with Rob, you cannot go wrong and will not be disappointed. He has my utmost admiration.
Paul Lagan
Alliance For Life Ministries, Madison, Wis.
It gives me great pleasure to endorse the Wisconsin Christian News. Those who know me, know that I only endorse what I really believe in. After reading the WCN for about a year now, I have come to believe that this paper is a blessing for not only me, but the whole Church congregation that I pastor. Just this past Sunday, I overheard one of our members make the comment that they can't hardly wait until the next copy arrives.
Pastor Truman Stricklen
Living Waters A/G Bruce, WI
At Living Waters Bible Camp we have appreciated the connections Rob and WCN have helped develop for the ministry here.  We are thankful for Rob's heart to get not just the news to people but a wide range of teaching articles that help you think about what God might want to be speaking to you.
Getting exposure to other ministries who are trying to reach the lost with the Gospel has been a blessing.
The cost is reasonable for the exposure and the ability to be involved in the Wisconsin Christian Expo is a blessing to us, and we trust to others.
Thanks again to Rob and those behind the scenes who make it happen!
Dennis Siler
Living Waters Bible Camp, Westby, Wis.