We Have Sinned

Complimentary Story
As Daniel the prophet lamented the loss of his society to captivity (Dan.9), he included himself with others of the people of God, in his prayers and supplications by which ALL were held accountable for the loss of the society God had given them in the land, then forsaken. Christians and churches have been sitting on the sidelines too often watching our culture pass with but token resistance, barely a demur, from those who know Christ. Too many pastors are silent as a new political ethic engulfs the land. 

A New ethic embedded in the rise of “therapeutic intervention” in all areas of our society, including the courts, politics, social media, journalism, feminism, education and childcare, psychiatric counseling and the family court system, has taken our society by storm, and infected our churches from within, all seemingly without opposition. 

If we wait for the November elections to come upon us, when there are powerful (lawful, legal) approaches that remain untapped, even unknown to most Christians, then we will AGAIN be starting too late…and remain guilty of failing to stand in the hour of need. 
There is something -  actually MANY things - you and others in your churches and families, affiliations and friends, can do to learn how to effectively and LEGALLY, expose and stop such carnage. You can become a beacon and a leader if you act now.

It is imperative that we learn NOW how to stop this landslide in society. Perhaps the most important election in United States history is coming up in November and Christians need to stop lamenting the loss of our great culture and start acting to reverse the downward spiral inflicted upon us and upon our children by courts, politicians, medical personnel, media and, especially educational “experts” who have already taken too many of our children captive. 

Therapeutic culture provides a script through which emotional deficits “make their way into the culture vernacular’ and become available for ‘the construction of everyday reality. From birth, to marriage and parenting, through to bereavement, people’s experience is interpreted through the medium of the therapeutic ethos…Sociologist James Nolan writes of the emergence of ‘guiltless justice” in his study of the American Drug Court Movement. He writes that, “inasmuch as the therapeutically defined ideals of illness and of self-esteem assume a more central place in the adjudicative process, the denial of guilt is made increasingly relevant (Frank Furedi, Therapy Culture, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, London and New York, 22)

The political and educational institutions are thrusting this upon us and will do so MUCH MORE energetically in the future, especially after the elections are secured by the Left…IF they get what they want. So now is the time to learn to stop them…before AND after the elections. 
Such will be applied to all areas of society. Abortion is coming back across the land as are so many other evils. NOW IS THE TIME for you to learn HOW to act energetically, effectively and legally, not only to stop the landslide but REVERSE the course of our “guilt-tripped” society which is being herded captive into an abyss of corrupt, Christ-hating, sexually debauched, educationally ruined, politically manipulated, cesspool, endangering us all. 

Read the ad concerning the 30 years’ experience of Paul Dorr, an expert who has traveled the country to help dozens of communities stop bond referendums, educational mandates against homeschoolers and private education while usurping parental authority over children, transgenderism, abortion rights activism, sexual alternatives as public behavior …and so much more! 

He will teach you what YOU can legally do…often right from the confines of your home. 

Space is limited. See the ad, go there and sign up. BUT DO NOT WAIT. Time is of the essence to get your place. Time and location is listed therein. 

If you have any questions give me any contact information sufficient for me to get back to you and then call me or write: 262.597.2030; info@reformationhope.com

Let’s stop the downward spiral of this culture and call it back effectively in our efforts per the training Paul Dorr can supply. DO UNDERSTAND. All is being done herein in the name of Christ who has repeatedly blessed these efforts, for many have been aroused thereby to ask about Him as we act out of REAL LOVE for them. Sign up now. Don’t wait. See you there! 

Location: Reformation Hope Church, 915 Adelman Ave. Brookfield, WI 

Date: July 19 & 20, Friday 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am 

$75- entrance fee (see ad for website sign up): Lunch $10- (optional) per person


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