Mamas Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up to Date Vampires

This week all the talk is sure to be about Twilight, and I dont mean the kind that comes to America after several years of an Obama administration. Its a new movie based on the best-selling book by Stephenie Meyer and deals with a common girl dilemma: what to do when your boyfriends a vampire.

Yes, I know, youve already talked with your teen about this, but keep reading. After selling a multi-gazillion copies, there was no doubt Twilight would come to the screen with the predictably wide-eyed ingnue (Kristen Stewart) with her carnivorous metrosexual beau (Robert Pattinson). Bella and Edward fall in love in high school biology, amid the dissections and blood. Hes not really seventeen, but a hundred and something years old.

Even after learning through the grapevine Edward is a vampire, Bella still risks being alone with him, despite his confessed hunger for her - really. He spends most of their dates barely hanging onto self-control and avoiding her neck. He and his vampire pseudo-family tend to attract other vampires and one becomes a stalker of Bella. Edward saves her from both an earlier auto accident and from this predatory vampire. Damsel-in-distress Bella is totally captivated by Edward after these rescues, and tries to talk him into having his way with her after the prom.

And we are not talking virginity loss here. She wants to become like him, even if it means her death. As the first book in this series concludes, Edward acts like any no ...

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