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Why Do 1,000 Scientists (and Growing) Believe Darwin Was Wrong? That is the banner on the Whats the Evidence? fair booth which has been at Waukesha and Washington Counties this summer and is scheduled to be at Dodge and Sheboygan County fairs.

A lot of folks come to the booth and admit to having questions about the Creation and Evolution controversy. They tell me they grew up confused, being told in church that God created them and going to school to be told that they evolved from apes, says Mary Weigand of West Bend, Wis., founder of the booth.

The Biblical account of Creation in Genesis is in direct conflict with the claims of evolution. Only one of us is right. Im out there teaching and showing people evidence that the Biblical account is true and we see proof all over the world to help us see that, continues Weigand.

The booth uses dinosaurs and fossils to bring Biblical truth into the science arena. The evolutionists have been deceiving the public about dinosaurs, using them to indoctrinate us with their millions of years ideology. Ive heard from dozens and dozens of kids that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago when an asteroid hit the earth, says Weigand. In my booth they will see evidence showing man and dinosaurs living together, and they will learn that the Bible even mentions dinosaurs several times - they just were not called dinosaurs before 1850.

Fossils are another area the evolutionists have used to indoctrinate children; however, fossils are much better explained to have formed quickly during the Genesis flood. Sedimentary layers are easily seen in road cuts and fossils are found all over the world. The Genesis flood provided just the right conditions for the formation of these layers and fossils. Amazingly, in Wisconsin there is a sandstone quarry with jellyfish and sea ripple fossils. The jellyfish and sea ripples must have been rapidly buried in order to fossilize before they were no longer intact.

On display in the booth are some sand ripple fossils from the Wisconsin quarry as well as fossils from around the world. Amber (fossilized tree resin) from South America is given away to booth visitors. Kids love to come and clean off a piece of amber using toothpaste and a toothbrush. They look for insects inside. If they find one, they can look at it under a microscope. The same animals seen today are found in the amber. Evolutionists tell us that amber formed between 35 and 125 million years ago but the evidence does not fit. Bacteria have survived inside of amber. That wouldnt be possible if it was millions of years old. Fossils are incredible evidence that the Biblical record is true and great reminders that God judged a wicked world in the past.

As Christians we know that Gods Word is true. We shouldnt shy away from science and the Bible. The Bible is not a science text but the Biblical record will never contradict science; in fact science will confirm the truth of the Bible. Because Genesis is true, we know we can trust the entire Bible, whether it is about creation, Biblical Kinds of animals, sin and death, the definition of marriage, abortion or eternity. The teaching of evolution in government schools has undermined the authority of the Bible. People are confused and we can see it in the culture wars of our time.

Biological evidences for creation are also shown in the booth. Visitors can pluck out a hair and see the hair cuticle under magnification. Weigand said, The complexity of hair is evident, whether looking at its design, cuticle function or growing process. We think of hair as simple, but even hair is too complex to be explained through evolutionary process. I love to tell kids that the Lord knows the number of hairs on their head. It is a comforting thought.

The Whats the Evidence? booth began five years ago when Weigand and a friend brought a PhD Biologist to the West Bend School District hoping that with his help the district would see that they were teaching information that was not scientifically sound. The district completely ignored what he said. In fact, they did not address one point we brought up. I felt I had to get the truth out to the kids who are being led astray though false teaching. The county fair is a great place to be because a lot of families come to the fair. My passion is to help kids understand that the Bible is true from Genesis to Revelation, she said. Weigands experiences at the fair have been very positive. Many come by and express their thanks for offering the information in the booth.

The booth uses Answersingenesis.org and ICR.org as resources. Weigand has also developed some displays herself after hearing what the public is interested in. She tries to use the displays as talking points that she can use to help bring Biblical understanding to science in a simple way. It has been fun learning, and the websites have so much good information. I just want to get good resources into peoples hands, Weigand added.

Churches and groups can contact http://www.cssmwi.org/ to find out about hosting a creation seminar in their community.

Weigand wonders what evolution has stolen from our kids and how the church will respond. She would like to see every church in Wisconsin teach about Biblical Authority and go out and tell their communities. It will take just one church per county to have fair booths or similar ministries around the state. Isnt that what we as Christians are called to do?

For help getting started, you can contact Mary Weigand by email at: whatstheevidence@gmail.com.

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