Shining the Light of Truth and Saving Lives: Missionaries to the Preborn

Anger is often a common - and first - response, when people see for themselves the horrors of abortion, displayed in large photographs in busy public places. The photographs and signs are just some of the tools used by the Milwaukee-based Missionaries to the Preborn, a ministry whose mission is to educate and inform the public of the truth behind an industry that has taken the lives of some 50 million babies in America since the practice became legal in 1973.

Many call the display of such photographs unnecessary and offensive, but on their website, the Missionaries explain why the gruesome photos are such an important part of the education process: We display these photographs because the media has censored the preborn child from the abortion debate. The American press refuses to show the American people what these babies look like who are dying in the womb. We are simply attempting to bypass that media blackout by going to the streets and displaying these photographs.

Now the American people can see for themselves exactly what a preborn child looks like after he or she has been in the hands of an abortionist. Most believe the myth that abortion is just the removal of some benign tissue. These photographs expose just how mythical such thinking is.

The displaying of these photographs reveals to this nation that a great holocaust is going on in our midst, that our indifference towards it must cease, and that we must act on behalf of those who a ...

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