'Don't Get So Defensive!' (Part 2)

This months article is a continuation from last month where I shared some advice for those who feel they are not in the best position to defend their belief in creation or Christianity in general. We discussed the concept of not getting so defensive, meaning that instead of being on the defense (trying to prove everything), simply ask follow-up questions to the person who is making bold claims. The example we used was a skeptic stating that Evolution is a fact and the Bible is just ancient mythology. We focused primarily on the evolution portion of the claim. This month we will focus on their claim regarding the Bible.

Rather than attempting to prove the Divine inspiration and accuracy of the Bible at this point (which is difficult for many to do), simply respond with something like Why do you believe the Bible is just myth? They might say Because it is full or errors and contradictions. You can then ask What do you mean by errors and contradictions? Can you give me some examples? In many cases they may respond with Well, there are just so many and everyone knows it. Besides you believe that God wrote the Bible, that all other books are wrong and that anyone who doesnt do exactly what he says is going to hell! Your response Actually, I havent said anything about what I believe yet. Im just trying to better understand the bold claims you are making.

Another follow-up question is appropriate. If I understand you correctly, you believe that the Bibl ...

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