The Legacy of Planned Parenthood

It was a couple of weeks before Christmas some years ago when I was working late on a volunteer project at my favorite local pro-life organization and I received a call that still haunts me to this day. The frantic voice on the other end screamed into my ear these words, Planned Parenthood is attacking my family and you have to help me stop them!

My blood ran cold for this poor woman as she recounted the details of her story. The frightened mother told me that she had just received word from an anonymous source that her teenage daughter was pregnant and Planned Parenthood was planning to take her to court to obtain a judicial bypass so they could perform an abortion on her daughter without her knowledge or consent. Please, tell me what I can do to save my daughter and grandchild! wept the poor mother.

We immediately prayed for Gods hand to cover this situation. Then I told this mother that she needed to go to her daughter immediately and plead with her not to abort the precious child growing inside of her. I sent her a care package to help in the heart-to-heart-to-tiny-beating-heart conversation that was about to ensue.

For the next several days, I was completely on pins and needles. This little babys life that was hanging in the balance was the only item on my Christmas wish list that year. I never wanted anything more badly than the sparing of this childs life. I waited and I waited. No word. Then it happened again that I was worki ...

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