Tampering with Genesis

Last month we discussed the difference between the authority of Gods Word and the authority of science and how scientific facts are always interpreted according to ones worldview. We warned how faulty worldviews can lead to faulty interpretations of the data (facts). Too often, well-meaning Christians have allowed the temporal conclusions of secular scientists to alter their worldview to the point where they work very hard (and incorrectly) at reinterpreting Scripture to fit with whatever latest and greatest theory secular scientists espouse. Just as a reminder, the vast majority of science deals with issues that have very little significance, if any, to the Bible. For example, creating new types of food coloring, designing faster computer chips, more durable asphalt for road construction, etc. We neednt concern ourselves regarding scientific authority in these types of areas, which typically dont involve any moral issues either. However, when it comes to making guesses as to what happened in the unobserved past, Scripture authority must play a significant role.

I mentioned that we would be examining one particular example from the past where scientific authority trumped biblical authority. It has to do with the age of the Earth an extremely hot topic within Christianity, which is heavily debated, even today.

We can only scratch the surface on this issue within this brief article, but we first need to review a bit of history. Christians (and the C ...

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