Christianity Under Attack in America

One doesnt have to follow the daily news for long to realize that Christianity in America is coming under attack like never before. While Islam and other religions get a free pass, its open season on the Judeo-Christian faith.

So relentless is the assault against traditional Christian values that even a 7-foot memorial cross erected in 1934 by WW I veterans in a remote region of Californias Mohave Desert was not safe. Shortly after Californias district court denied an ACLU petition to remove the cross, thieves dismantled the cross and made off with it. Apparently nothing is sacred to those who rage against God.

Christian symbols such as crosses, nativity scenes and displays of the Ten Commandments have long been sources of attack. School prayer at graduation, praying at school sporting events, and the very season of Christmas itself, have also been prime targets.

Anti-Christianity firepower, however, has intensified. Removing any reference to God in textbooks and historical sites is an ongoing endeavor. Atheist Michael Newdow, in his relentless pursuit of a Godless America, continues to seek court approval to remove all vestiges of Christianity from the public square. His latest petitions sought to have under God removed from our Pledge of Allegiance, our national motto, In God We Trust removed from our currency, and the words, so help me God, removed from our presidential oath. Fortunately, the courts denied the petitions.


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