Separation of Church and Truth

Its fall and school is once again back in full-swing. Summer is more of a memory and both students and parents alike are adjusting to new routines. Some routines are very healthy, while others are harmful. One typical routine that I have noticed over the years is conveyed in the following real-life scenario regarding a family conversation at the dinner table between a grade school boy and his dad:

Son: Hey dad, do we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God?

Dad: Of course we do why would you ask?

Son: Today in school, my teacher told me that the universe was created by the Big Bang billions of years ago, that life formed from non-living chemicals billions of years ago and that man evolved from an ape-like creature millions of years ago. But doesnt the Bible say that God created everything is six days and that He created man from the dust of the ground?

Dad: Well, I guess it does say that, but were not really sure what it means. Maybe God used the Big Bang to get it all going. Maybe He made chemicals so that they would form into life if given enough time. And maybe He allowed an ape-like creature to become more human-like and then put a soul in one of them.

Son: Last week my teacher said that there never was a global flood, but doesnt the Bible say there was?

Dad: Well, I know it says that, but there probably couldnt have been an actual flood, but maybe God just added that story to teach us about sin ...

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