Noah's Flood (Global or Local, Part 2)

We are continuing our Tampering with Genesis discussion (started three months ago) regarding the ramifications of straying from the straight-forward, historical view of Genesis. The previous column focused on the biblical case for a global flood. Whereas the Bible clearly describes a cataclysmic event that was global its extent, many within the church have chosen to interpret this as being just a local event. The reason for this is that they have accepted the notion that the earth is billions of years old and its sedimentary layers formed over hundreds of millions of years, long before the creation of man. If this is true, then the Genesis flood must have been restricted to the area in which Noah lived, because a truly global flood would disrupt the major features of the Earth which had allegedly already formed (e.g. Grand Canyon, Mt. Everest, etc.).

A global flood would, in a short period of time, deposit new layers of sediment all over the Earth, covering-up all of the features that are supposed to represent evidence for millions and millions of years! Secular geologists certainly do not recognize any global events after the formation of the Earths major features. Instead of even considering questioning the conclusions of most modern-day geologists, many simply choose to re-interpret Scripture to align with secular scientific views (at the expense of proper biblical interpretation).

This month we will we will look at a few scientific evidences for ...

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