Things Better Left Unsaid (Part 1)

Our nation has recently conducted a mid-term election, and political commentary aside, one particular aspect caught my attention more than in prior years. It was the amount of campaign ads containing falsehoods. One of the major problems with these lies and half-truths is that they often serve as powerful arguments in support of the views espoused by those disseminating such deceit. This occurs because the general public often does not know the truth of the matter and frequently assumes that if its on television or in the paper, it must be true. While these statements can illegitimately aid in bolstering the case of those purveying the message, it can also come back to haunt them in a much more powerful way, often serving to completely discredit them. This phenomenon is not unique to the world of politics, but can potentially be observed in just about any other arena as well, including the defense of the Christian faith.

It has been my honor over the past 24 years to have spoken to tens of thousands of people about the creation message and the authority of Gods Word. There certainly exists a plethora of evidence supportive of the Genesis creation account and elucidating numerous examples has greatly strengthened the faith of many within the body of Christ and significantly challenged even the most hardened of critics. However, I routinely encounter well-meaning Christians who use fallacious arguments in their defense of creation. One major difference between ...

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