The Crumbling Rule of Law in America

When Jesus said Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars, and to God the things that are Gods, [(Matthew 22:21), He was making clear that the State has limitations. It is not the be all and end all - it cannot declare just anything to be theirs. They cannot make up law as they go, nor change the immutable laws of God. The authority they have is delegated to them from God - it is not autonomously held.

Early Christian men took a stand in defiance of the State because it had crossed its limitations. Many early Christians suffered martyrdom because the State had crossed its limitations, and they refused to obey. They also constructed thought as to how a godly society should be structured. The result was that they overturned the greatest empire of the world -- Rome. From there Christianity - which breeds liberty - spread across the western world freeing nations from the tyranny of the strongest and most brutal. Christianity established the rule of law in Western Civilization.

The rule of law simply stated is - the law is king. All are subject to the laws of the land, both man and State; both King and commoner; and that law is equitable to all.

The rule of law is a Western Civilization phenomenon fueled by Christianity. The rule of law for nearly 1500 years in Western Civilization was Gods Law. The moral Law of God was referred to as - the higher law - of which all were subject, whether commoner or King.

Unfortunately, ...

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