Let Those Who Have Eyes See

John 9:30 & 31, Why, thats very strange! the man replied. He (Jesus) healed my eyes, and yet you dont know anything about Him! Well God doesnt listen to sinners, but He is ready to hear those who worship Him and do His will.

This interesting exchange takes place between a man, who had just been cured of life long blindness, and some religious leaders of the time. These religious leaders did not want to see the miracle that had clearly taken place before them. The healing power of God had been unleashed and the result was this blind person could now see. This formerly blind person knew that this was, at the very least, an agent of God, if not God Himself. For only God could give him the sight he had lived all his life without. To the formerly blind man, he could see Gods hand at work in his life.

The religious people, however, chose to be blind to this miracle of Jesus. They chose not only to be blind to this miracle but also the many other extraordinary things Jesus had done. They not only were blind to His amazing deeds, they were deaf to His new and amazing teachings. The man born blind had no choice about not being able to see. The religious people observing the ministry of Jesus chose to be blind to what was so obvious to others. They chose not to hear the message that God was sending to them through the words of Jesus.

The blind man declares that God doesnt listen to sinners, but rather God chooses to hear those who worship and ...

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