Throwing Away Their Faith

(Part 2)

Last month we took an introductory look at an alarming trend within Christianity According to various Barna Group polls, 50-75% of Christian students end up walking away from their faith before they leave college! That should be very disturbing to everyone reading this article. We mentioned that it isnt so much that college environments are so dangerous for Christians (although they certainly can be in certain respects, as are many other institutions). It has more to do with the unpreparedness of the students when entering the university. This month we will look further into this condition as well as the types of situations they often face during this crucial time in their lives.

Those who are being considered Christian students in these statistics generally fall into one of the following two categories: (A) truly Christian, but unprepared and (B) not truly saved and unprepared. A third category, Truly saved and prepared represents a group that is far less likely to waver in their faith during college, but they are certainly not immune. We will focus on the first two groups in the remainder of this article.

We take our children to church on Sundays and occasionally mid-week to ensure they are being taught all the right things such as that God exists, He is the creator of the universe, the Bible is His word and that Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins. These are all great things for our children to learn, but too often they ...

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