Don't Become a Statistic (Part 3)

The last two months weve been taking an introductory look at an alarming trend within Christianity According to various Barna Group polls, 50-75% of Christian students end up walking away from their faith before they leave college! That should be very disturbing to everyone reading this article. We mentioned that it isnt so much that college environments are so dangerous for Christians (although they certainly can be in certain respects, as are many other institutions), but has more to do with the unpreparedness of the students when entering the university. I promised that in this issue, we would take a look more specifically at the types of attacks our children face while in school (whether it be Jr High, High School or college).

The most common type of attack comes in the form of broad generalizations. Typical examples are statements such as, Evolution is an absolute fact, All the scientists believe in evolution, There is no evidence for creation, Creation is just religion, while evolution is real science, To reject evolution is to reject science, All the museums around the world are filled with evidence for evolution. Heres a real-life example from Ernst Myar (who was one of the worlds leading evolutionary biologists):

No educated person any longer questions the validity of the so-called theory of evolution, which we now know to be a simple fact. (Darwins Influence of Modern Thought, Scientific American 28, no 1, 2000, 78-83).

Whats the ...

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