The Feeling of Failing

We usually reserve our Teambuilding in the Classroom Program -- offered through the Northern Lakes Impact Center -- to teachers, youth pastors and other ministry-minded people who are looking to strengthen their teams.

This year, however, as part of the Crescent Lake Bible Camp Summer Staff Training, we ran about half-a-dozen young men and women through Teambuilding Training. We figured that not only would it be good for them to know the materials, but it would give them another tool for working with their cabins, another program area for them to lead and a skill that they could take with them when Summer Camp ended.

One section that we cover as part of our teambuilding background is the Self-Esteem. In our society, people wonder why youth - and adults - have a profound lack of self-esteem. Now Im not talking about pride or feeling entitled to receive things; Im talking that people experience the overwhelming feeling of worthlessness in every aspect of their lives. The answer to this feeling is, surprisingly,
quite simple. It all comes down to the facts:

1-in-5 children lives in poverty (Source: U.S. Census); 1-in-14 is born to a teenage mother (Source: Centers for Disease Control); 1-in-25 lives with neither parent (Source:; 1-in-1339 will be killed by a gun before the age of 20 (Source: Childrens Defense Fund); 6,000,000 were referred to Child Protective Service Agencies in 2008 (Source: U.S. Department of Health a ...

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