Evolution: A Brief Peek Under the Hood

   Many things in life may seem great from a distance, but upon closer inspection you find all sorts of problems.  For example, you may be out “car shopping” and as you drive through a used car lot, a vintage Camaro catches your eye because of its nearly flawless candy-apple red exterior and a surprisingly low price tag.  However, upon closer inspection you find the interior is completely trashed, the dash is cracked and the windows don’t operate.  Much worse than that, when you go to look under the hood… the entire engine is missing!  What looked so good at first glance isn’t great at all. It’s no wonder that it had such a low price tag!

   It’s often the same way when considering the idea of evolution.  Many Christians are quick to say they don’t believe in evolution, but if we are honest with ourselves, some portions of the evolutionary story seem somewhat plausible, especially as taught in our educational system.  For example, to the average high school or college student, it may seem quite plausible that a fish could slowly turn into an amphibian if enough time is allowed.  We can envision the fish’s fins being slightly modified into short legs giving it the ability to crawl.  Then it gradually creeps up onto land a little at a time and becomes accustomed to breathing air and eventually is able to spend much of its time out of the water.  These t ...

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