Consulting With Clarity and Greenfield Avenue Chiropractic Offices

Consulting With Clarity Serves Area Churches


   Consulting With Clarity is serving area churches with quality audio and video services. Owners Brian and Charlotte Haines, of Colby are committed to excellence and best value to their customers.

   Audio has been a life long passion of Brian. Their older children, Nicholas, Joshua, and Samuel also serve in the business.

   Prior to becoming a Christian, Brian played in a band in his teen years. He also played guitar in his church choir for 8 years. Brian and Charlotte continued on by offering a DJ service and did 550 gigs in 5 years, including wedding dances, school dances, festivals, and the like.  As the years went on, the Haines family changed church affiliation, and Brian served at a large church in Marshfield, doing the audio work for over 12 years. It was during these same years that Brian was the special effects director for the large production called The Nightmare, where over 100,000 people attended over the 11 year life of the project.

   In recent years, the Haines family answered a call of God to be a part of launching a church in the Colby/Abbotsford area.  Brian now serves as a volunteer worship leader, and the family is also a part of the worship experience, with Charlotte playing keyboards, Joshua playing drums, Samuel playing bass, and Nich ...

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