Consider This...

  Wonder about God’s thinking is joy-filled. Consider this thought. Why did God create children so small, cute and helplessly in need of adult care for a comparatively very long time?

   Among many possible reasons, consider some obvious: 

   Children are a distinct people group.

   Childhood is a time of life through which every adult must pass. No adult can deny their familiarity with the struggles, feelings and thought processes of childhood.

   We often think of people groups in terms of ethnicity and culture, but truly, children are as distinct as any group we would identify in our churches as a mission. Our God is an incredible teacher. He knows what we need. When He gave the command of Matthew 28:19 and 20, He didn’t leave us to change the world with the Gospel without some practice.  He gave us a group with whom we have a strong affinity, with whom we can identify naturally, who we always have among us and we find easily loveable. He blessed us with children.

   This people group not only needs the Gospel as any other, but also is the most highly receptive. They have the greatest percentage of peer group missionaries after receiving the Gospel and they have the potential for the greatest transforming power for good in the culture in which they live.

   In the mission strategies of our churches, do we consider the need of the body to dev ...

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