Principles of Success

   Success does not just simply happen.  It takes leadership. We all lead in one way or another.  There is positive leadership and negative leadership.

   Making the most out of our lives must be a priority.  No matter where we live or what our position or age is, we need to think about what we are doing with our lives. One day we will leave this earth and stand before God.  We want to be able to say to Him “I did the best I could with what You gave me.” (Acts 9:36-42).

Be Something

   Wealth did not earn Dorcas a spot in the Bible. Nor did fame because no one knew her outside of Joppa.  Her love for the Lord and the pleasure she found in helping the poor (Acts 9:36) is what is recorded in the Scriptures.

   Being something to someone in need will cause you to be remembered forever.  We can all remember when somebody helped us in a time of need.  If it happened many years ago we still remember it.

Do Something

   We must ask ourselves if we are doing everything we can.  Are our lives making a difference?  Are we using our talents?  Are we doing all we can to promote God’s Kingdom and see that He and His Word stay first in the lives of others? Dorcas did that.  She was always helping the poor and doing good.  Peter could see that she had used her talent for making clothes to help the needy in the church.

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