Spiritualism: Answering the Hard Questions

   During my recent series on the topic of Spiritualism, some have felt that I didn’t address the “hard” questions from difficult Bible  texts on death because they might not agree with other texts that I used in a previous article.  But please note, each article I write must fit within the space restraints of the newspaper.

   Therefore, I will now take this whole article to prove that the “hard” texts on death  agree wholly with the “easy” ones that are obvious in their meaning.  The ONE cardinal truth we all have to believe about the Bible is that, since every book and text is “God-breathed” to the prophet who wrote them, there will never be contradictions on basic teaching and principles. If there was, God would not be consistent or true, and we could never know what is true or false. Fortunately, God is consistent and true, so we can know with certainty what the Bible Truth is on any subject.

   1)  Duet. 18:10-11   (Some believe these verses imply the possibility of speaking with the dead).

   Why would God prohibit humans from talking with the “dead” if the dead could help us in any way?  God doesn’t prohibit us from talking with angels, as Daniel, Jacob, Balaam, and Mary did in Bible times. They are in heaven just as the “supposed” spirits of the dead are, so there would be no reason fo ...

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