Chemtrails Pose Serious, and Increasing Health Risks to U.S. Citizens

   When is a conspiracy theory no longer a theory?  When it is the truth.  Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered why so-called jet con-trails or condensation trails are so very different than when we where kids?  I’ll bet you you have been wondering just what those suspicious cloud-like streaks across the skies contain?

   What if I told you that you and your family are being sprayed regularly with toxic aerosols?  It’s called Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering (or SAG);  better known as chem-trails.

   We have also been told by local weather men that this is the normal exhaust or water vapor left in the wake of an aircraft.  Here is a brief description of the difference. When a jet airplane flies at a certain altitude, a visible trail or streaks of condensed  water vapors sometimes form in the wake of the aircraft - hence the name “contrail.” This is a normal phenomena and usually dissipates within a few seconds.

   What is observed behind a SAG plane is entirely different. You only need to look up on a clear sunny day and observe.  Thick white lines that linger for several hours.  The upper atmosphere is very deliberately sprayed -- often times in grid patterns (for more thorough coverage). These trails then appear to us as clouds - chemtrails.

   It seems that the early mornings on very clear sunny days are the prim ...

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