Could God Have Used Evolution? (Part 1)

   “How could you be so arrogant to say that God could not use evolution?  I have a degree in Biology and know that evolution is a fact and that all scientists believe it!” 

   That was the response I received from someone who attended one of my engagements recently.  She was noticeably upset and carried on for quite a while during our open Q&A session following the lecture (which on this particular occasion was in a church with about 600 in attendance). So how would you respond to such a question?  I guess that largely depends on what you believe is the correct answer.  Maybe you have asked a similar question yourself.   Maybe you are still asking this question.  Maybe you have had others pose this question, but you did not feel adequately prepared to give a well-reasoned response.

   How did I respond?  First and foremost, I made every effort to be gracious and affirming.  Without this effort, my actual answer may easily have not even been heard.   Even though she did not ask her question or make her statements in a very kind or respectful way, I sincerely thanked her for being willing to share her honest thoughts and stated that there’s a good chance that many others in attendance that morning may have the same question.  I then went on to briefly address each point she raised. (B ...

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